Sunday, December 12, 2010

LF and HF Tampler Proof RFID Tags that work on many types of DVD Kiosk machines ONLY 60 cents with Free Shipping

The most recent update on tags has been rather incredible. We've come a long way with RFID tags. Everything from the adhesive to the type of paper used to cover the coil and RFID chip. The most recent update has been to reduce the size of the RFID chip itself. Some customers for some reason have tried to scratch the little bump on the tag...Why, who knows.. However, the new tags now include a tiny chip. It's about half the size of the original chips. It's very difficult to see where they are located on the tag. We still have the tab on the side to make it easier for mounting too. I believe these are the best tags on the market right now. The coil is welded to the chip too.

OUR HF TAGS,are of the highest quality! They are acrylic, not the paper type that of lesser quality. The acrylic type tag is tamper proof..Mess with the tag, and you just bought a DVD... Order them for 60 cents plus get free shipping... Best tags online and the best price. See for yourself..

Another comment on our Blog:

Your low freq rfid tags work in the 24advm machines without any problems so far. I have 4 of these machines in addition to the dvdnow machines. This might also be a small increase to your volume? While I don't necessarily get along with the folks who sold them to me (long story and mostly service related) they are still selling the machines and they trade about on e-bay also. If you look on e-bay the gentleman selling kiosks out of Arvada Colorado is the main contact for the new machines.
I believe they will work in the TelEasy carousel machines also since they use the same phighet read cards. I only know one TelEasy owner and she is chicken to use any but the ones she buys from them, oh well.

Thanks for the great service on my order of rfid tags.

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DVD said...

Excuse my ignorance but why and how would you put these on your DVDs?

Mike at ReadyDVD said...

It's so the machine can communicate with the dvd. It allows the machine to know who rented the dvd and time. If they don't bring it back, they get charged for the dvd. If they do, the chip allows the machine to know who took the dvd and charges them appropriately. The chip ties itself to the customer. Once the dvd is brought back, the chip is cleared of customer's info..